Brand new product lines for learning & studying

January 16, 2019

Kores introduces brand-new product lines of school acessories!
The classy product designs and high-quality componets are starting to gain interest of international customers in Europe and Latin America. With these product lines Kores has extended its assortment of goods for learning & studying, as well as for hobby & crafts activities.


Kores compasses come in a wide range of models to provide the ideal solution for school and hobby use.

The highlight of the compasses line is Kores GRAFIKO NEON. This compass combines quality and functionality with trendy neon design! Apart from the trendy neon coloured design, GRAFIKO NEON also includes rugged technology: robust gear wheels, firm central wheel spindles, easily adjustable legs as well as non-slip needles and lead clamps for exact lines! It comes with a replacement lead and includes an adapter to use the compass with fineliners, pens, or colour pencils as well.

The basic line is reopresented by the compass Kores CIRKOS. It is a high precision compass with an adjustment wheel and plastic legs. The ergonomic and trendy design supports the creative work of students and hobby artists. The ideal basic compass for hobby, crafts and school usage.



The Kores Elastik ruler folds, twists and bends! This ruler is a fun and colourful addition to the everyday school or offce and hobby use. Being bendy and flexible it makes measuring on any surface as well as drawing straight lines along curved shapes easy. Elastik comes in 4 brilliant translucent colours with 4 fun prints: green – ice cream, pink – unicorn, blue – sharks, yellow – donuts.

The Kores GEO15 and GEO30 geometric ruler sets and the Kores 30cm rulers are ideal for precise geometric drawings in school and the office. They are portable and durable geometry tools, their light weight makes them handy to be carried in school bags or briefcases. Rulers come in 2 translucent colours: light pink or light blue.
– GEO 30, Big ruler set includes: 1x 30cm ruler, 1x protractor 180°-12cm, 1x triangle 60°-21cm, 1x triangle 45°-21cm.
– GEO 15, Small ruler set includes: 1x 15cm ruler, 1x protractor 180°-10cm, 1x triangle 60°12cm, 1x triangle 45° 21cm.