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Kores Holding Zug AG (hereafter referred to jointly as “Kores”, “we” or “us”) is pleased to welcome you to its website and to note your interest in its products. Kores maintains this website and the national Kores websites connected with it (together: “the website”) and the information and material on this website (referred to below as “contents”).

Kores requests you to read through the conditions of use carefully before using the website. By accessing the site and/or the individual pages you declare your unconditional agreement to the conditions of use below. If you do not agree to these conditions of use you are not authorized to use the website.


1.1. Protective rights and scope of use

Unless noted differently, all copyrights and other protective rights to all contents of the database, including texts, pictures, graphics, sound, video and animation files and design are the property of Kores or the supplier mentioned on the website. Kores allows you to use the website as follows: you are authorized to visit the website for your personal use and to print out its content as proof of your visit. No other use of the website and its contents, in particular its modification, reproduction, transfer, re-use, transmission, storage, publication or the creation of works derived from it, its inclusion in other websites or the reproduction of the website or its contents (through links, inclusion or in any other way) is permissible without the previous express written approval of Kores.

Access to the website does not include or condone the use of any registered Kores brands or service marks; no licences or rights of use are granted in respect of copyrights, patents, trademarks or service marks in connection with this website.


1.2. Limitation of liability

These contents are non-binding information only.

Kores has compiled and operated this database with the utmost care. However, Kores can provide no guarantee and assume no liability for the contents and information in this website. In particular, Kores is not liable for topicality, availability, accuracy, quality, freedom from breaches of third party rights, data loss, freedom from viruses etc. Unless there is mandatory legislation to the contrary, Kores shall not be liable for breaches of secondary obligations, a lack of commercial success, lost profit or indirect and consequential damage. The above limitations on liability do not apply to damage to life and limb, or intent or gross negligence on the part of Kores.


1.3. Transmission of data and information

Please do not send Kores any confidential or copyright information such as business ideas, product ideas, concepts, expertise, technical documentations or pictures and MP3s (jointly referred to as “information“).

By sending this information you declare yourself in agreement with

  • the fact that the information is neither confidential nor copyright and that Kores is authorised to use and utilise this information in all ways and/or for any purpose at all times without restriction;
  • that Kores has no obligation whatsoever towards you in the case of use of the information and that you will take no legal steps against Kores in connection with the use of the information;
  • that you have unlimited rights to the information sent to Kores and that you indemnify Kores against all third party rights lodged against KORES in connection with the transmission and/or use of the information and that you will compensate Kores for any damage incurred;
  • that you have used due care in ensuring that the information transmitted is free of any known computer viruses and other contaminants, coding or instructions which could modify, damage or make unusable the website, the computer system or the network of Kores.

It is forbidden to deposit any documents, information, communications, pictures or MP3s with an illegal, unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, seditious, pornographic, particularly punishable content or to send or transmit such to Kores.

Kores does all in its power to provide you with a secure environment for the electronic transmission of data. Although Kores provides certain encryptions it cannot guarantee the absolute security of your data. You therefore run a certain risk with your data and information when you transmit data and information to this website. Kores is not liable for the security of information transmitted to or from this website. You agree to this and expressly accept the security risk of the information and data transmitted through the use of this website.


1.4. Protective rights

Unless specified otherwise, all trademarks on the Kores website are protected by copyright. Kores, the Kores logo, any other trade or service mark depicted on this website (e.g. Kolores) and all design elements are the intellectual property of Kores. No Kores trademark or service mark may be used as a link without prior written consent. Any unauthorized use of the trademarks and service marks is forbidden. Access to this website does not include or represent approval of the use of any registered Kores trademark or service mark, and no licences or rights of use relating to trademarks and/or service marks are granted in connection with this website.


1.5. Revisions

Kores retains to right to make revisions, to withdraw or to wholly or partially limit access to this website without previous notice.


1.6. Links to third-party websites

This website may contain links to other websites. Kores is not liable for the material created or published on third-party websites with links to this website or for third-party products to which reference is made on such websites. Kores has no influence on and accepts no responsibility for the material created or published on third-party websites linked to or from this website. A link of this nature in no way means that Kores approves these websites or the products or services presented on them.


1.7. Changes to the conditions of use

Kores reserves the right to change these conditions of use or to delete parts of them at any time as it thinks fit. Please check this website regularly for changes. The continued use of the Kores website following the changes to these conditions of use represents their acceptance.



All information on data protection can be found HERE.



This website has been compiled with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, Kores cannot guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the information it contains. Kores provides no assurances or guarantees for other websites which you can reach via the Kores website. When you access a non-Kores website this is an independent site over whose content we have no control. This also applies if this site contains the Kores logo. We see it as your duty to ensure that applications you use are free from viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other things of a damaging nature. Kores cannot accept any liability for damage which is not incurred directly or indirectly through the use of this website or a linked website unless the cause is intent or gross negligence on the part of Kores. Additionally, no liability will be accepted for lost profit, the interruption of operations, loss of programs or other data in your information system.



The intellectual property such as brands, copyrights and patents on the Kores website is protected. No licence for the use of the intellectual property of Kores or third parties is granted through this website.



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